with Romain Guillet

with Elisa Liz Colonna

with Bédéhel in Angers

with DJ Your Body in Berlin

Harmonie Paris with Elisa Liz Colonna

Mood Swings 3 with Svengalisghost

Workshop Violence 3 with Paul Bonnet

Mood Swings II with Svengalisghost

Mood Swings with Svengalisghost

Workshop Violence # 2 (drawing with Paul Bonnet)

Intro Disco # 6 with Jeune & Jolie

Vie Garantie # 2 with Vidal Benjamin, Losange, Blondox & Fatnéné, Sabbath 3000

Unit # 11

Vie Garantie # 1 with Etienne Jaumet, Chupacabras, Voiski and videos by Jean Turner

Fender Bender with Speculator, Martial Canterel, The Order Of The Lion & Chupacabras

Unit # 10 with Voiski and Momentform

Unit # 8 with Voiski and Momentform

with Jeune & Jolie